We have traveled our country far and wide to search for and select the best raw ingredients to be used in the composition of regional menus: true symbols of the identity and pride of Italian cuisine.
Only by employing quality ingredients has it been possible to recreate the scents and flavors that evoke the authenticity of our country.
We want to offer our customers a culinary journey through experiential recipes that represent Italian tradition, history and culture.

Flower Meadow

We have harnessed the wild charm of the Maremma in our salad dedicated to stories of Tuscany, the land of wind and sea, with its sunflowers and umbrella pines. Land of towers and castles. Kingdom of wild boars and horses.

Whuthering Heights

We have captured the drops of dew sparkling in the Abruzzo forests in order to serve them in a breakfast that evokes the flavors of craggy peaks, of silent rivers and the long winters of this region that is much-loved, and was by Gabriele d’Annunzio.

Divin Love

In the Arab tradition, jasmine represents divine love. We wanted to capture the intense perfume of the gardens, courtyards and terraces in sunny Sicily to cheer your awakening.


In the Itria Valley, among the trulli and cummerse, we have captured the magic of fairy-tale landscapes, and have gathered olives from the red Salentine terrain to offer the delicacies in a menu that evokes a land between the two seas.

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