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” Le Panier “ is a selected gourmet breakfast delivery service dedicated to those tourists, professionals, and locals starting a great, intense day.
“Your breakfast, warm and fragrant, is served as if it was just made in front of you”
The project was born from the idea of two professionals: the Chef Tommaso De Sanctis , trained in the most important starred-restaurants, and the artist Giovanna de Giglio, curator of international art and music events.
Motivated by the love for each other, they created “ Le Panier ”, a personal project made of love, care, and quality, dedicated to those breakfast lovers who want to have an experience of taste, beauty and creativity.
The gourmet breakfast delivery revolution starts in Rome’s
Homestays, B&Bs, Offices, and Privates.

The “Made in Italy” experiment of “ Le Panier ” becomes part of the growing take-away-food market.

Despite its culinary traditions, Italy poorly specializes in breakfasts. “Le Panier” is instead inspired to propose a new format of gourmet breakfasts, prepared with the same wisdom and care that make the uniqueness of the Italian cuisine .

“ Le Panier ” originates in the heart of Rome, with a development plan that will soon cover the whole city.A business model strongly integrated and supported by a commercial structure addressed to homestays, B&Bs, offices, and privates .

The breakfast is delivered in elegant boxes, designed to inspire the great taste prepared with love and passion.

The menu can satisfy any desire: from a ‘petit dejeneur’ to a ‘little brunch’.

Our dishes – eggs, pancakes, crostate, salads, smoothies- are meticulously prepared by our Chef Tommaso, whose main passion is the preparation of Italian gourmet food. Every day, Tommaso wakes up with the enthusiasm to prepare the most tasty and carefully made breakfasts, which we decorate with selected flowers I personally choose from the traditional market of Trionfale, in the coldy dawn of our beautiful Rome.

All our products strictly come from local and regional vendors, such as the fruit and the veggies from our “fruttivendolo“ (fruit seller) Marco, at Campo de’ Fiori market; our bread, which is daily baked at Roscioli, one of the historical bakeries in the old town; our sweet confections, which come from “Cristalli di Zucchero”, a Rome-based patisserie, which is known for its extraordinary genuine European products coming from the whole continent.

A rich, diverse menu which respects nature and its seasons.

For those with specific food allergies – dairy, gluten, and more,-  we are more than happy to offer dedicated menus.

Tommaso says: “Delivery quality and care are our imperatives. Our packaging is designed to guarantee the freshness of food and to give an unexceptionable showing of our gourmet breakfasts.”

The Chef’s aim is to interpret Giovanna’s artistic touch in his plates, playing with odors, tastes, and colors, always drawing from tradition and the greatest, most refined food.

The idea of the “little basket”(in Italian “Panierino”) comes from Giovanna’s suggestion to give a taste of her childhood, which she links to a story her grandmother used to read: the “Little red riding hood.”

“My grandmother” she explains, “used to read me this fairytale with all her love, making me feel, smell and imagine, every little detail. I could feel the vivid smell of the cinnamon pancake, the sugar, and the orange peel in the little red cup’s basket…”

This is how my passion for breakfast started. I think at all the people waking up and dreaming of a ‘little basket’ full of delicacies!

“I remember,” she goes “that since I was very little, I set up the table for breakfast the night before, as I couldn’t wait for the moment I woke up and I could finally have it!”

The encounter with Tommaso was pivotal for my project. We traveled and experimented different ingredients, melting different tastes and traditions, until we created this menu, which was born by collecting our experiences, memories and love.

Today I am very proud and enthusiast to share this passion with those who love it too.

From the combination of old grandmas recipes, new international trends, the most delicious American breakfasts, the gluten free, and the healthy specialties you finally see Tommaso and Giovanna’s “Le Panier” project take shape.

“I love the idea of combining the pleasure of taste to the one of sight, ’cause every plate needs to be ‘photographed’ as a piece of art. In fact, Tommaso’s use of intense colors makes every plate look appealing and full of aesthetic appreciation…”